Safety is particularly relevant for Alma Petroli, which deals with this topic through the application of two main principles:

  • observance of the Single Act on Security, Italian Legislative Decree 81/08 and the following integrative dispositions concerning health safeguard and safety in the working place.;
  • observance of the norm concerning danger of relevant accidents connected with dangerous substances according to the Italian Legislative Decree 105/15.

This means that all assets and plant engineering are subject to specific procedures to ensure plant efficiency and safety and health of all workers.

In addition, a Safety Management System has been implemented (SGS) according to the dictates of 105/15 according also to the possible framework of a major accident with internal and external reflections.

So there a Safety Report updated every five years.

From the point of view of plant engineering, departments are equipped with alarm devices and block, manual or automatic in critical points designed and manufactured to keep the system in proper operating range.

In operating terms, the continued monitoring by workers, the daily routine maintenance and program for more radical interventions, carried out by specialized personnel, minimize the probability of occurrence of a major accident.

All staff who has to work in the factory, before being inserted in the job, is joined by an experienced operator, for an appropriate period of time.

Based on experience, the maintenances are programmed at fixed intervals, while it is present during normal working hours a service of instrumental support, electrical and mechanical; outside normal working hours, a contact whose address any requests is always traceable.

The commitment of Alma Petroli in the application of safety regulations and fire prevention has materialized during 2015, when Alma Petroli obtained from the Provincial Command of the Fire Brigade of Ravenna the Fire Prevention Certificate, very important goal if you think the difficulties faced by companies at risk of a major accident to get this recognition.